Pink - Multi-Guard Stun - 20 million volt - 4.9ma - small stun gun - Alarm - Flashlight

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Pink - Multi-Guard Stun - 20 million volt - 4.9ma - small stun gun - Alarm - Flashlight

Power-up your Strength and Confidence! TM


    • Power Anywhere ®
    • The best investment for your safety
    • Powerful Small Stun Gun With LED Flashlight & Alarm
    • Super-loud 120 Decibel Siren
    • Super-bright 120 lumen flashlight
    • 20,000,000 volts - 4.9 milliamps
    • Provides non-lethal self-defense to aid in your personal protection!
    • Hugely powerful stun gun in a portable size!
    • Small Comfortable Size - Only 5.25" tall, 1.75" wide and .88" thick
    • Conceals Easily - Slips easily into a pocket, purse or holster.
    • Internal Rechargeable Battery - Very long-lasting battery charge
    • Built-in, slide-out wall plug - fits any normal outlet
    • Super-sturdy, Non-Slip Rubber Coating
    • Equipped with a safety switch & wrist strap
    • Includes Nylon belt-loop holster
    • Lifetime Warranty


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  • Great gift for someone you love and wish to protect


    This stunner will stop someone dead in their tracks and can put them on the ground LIGHTNING FAST!

No other stun gun has this kind of knock down power!




     Introducing the Multi-Guard Stun!  It is an INTENSELY powerful stun gun in a small size!  It measures only 5.25" x 1.75" x .88".  Don't let the small size fool you, it has a beast inside just waiting to be released.  Just press the shock button and 20 million volts are sent through the metal probes.

     Using 4.9 milliamps, this stun gun is immensely powerful.  It has a Knock Down Power that is similar to a moving vehicle!


Stand your ground with the Multi-Guard!

     Easily concealable and virtually undetectable in your hand, the Multi-Guard delivers high-powered protection with cutting edge micro-technology.  Featuring a super-loud siren to draw attention, you may defuse a dangerous situation before it begins!  It has a blinding 120 Lumen LED flashlight and a rubberized coating for a better grip.  Electrifying stun feature operates with flashlight or siren on.  You can carry the Multi-Guard in your hand or pocket.  It has a built-in charger and includes a safety switch, wrist-strap and heavy duty nylon belt loop holster.

  Available in 7 colors:



     Featuring a super-loud, ear-piercing siren to draw attention, you may defuse a dangerous situation before it begins!

     Sirens are readily recognized as an emergency call for help.  Use the 120dB alarm to draw attention to yourself, in the event you are attacked, or in a situation where you feel your life is threatened.


     You can also light-up dark areas with the built-in flashlight or use the 120 Lumen LED light to temporarily blind your assailant.  You can then make your move to put them on the ground or just to run away and escape.

     You won't need to carry around any extra cords because the rechargeable device has a slide-out, built-in wall plug that will fit in any normal outlet. You can easily carry this device in your pocket or on your belt with the included durable black nylon holster.


    The electrifying stun feature will also operate while the flashlight or siren are turn on.


  • The sight and sound of a stun gun going off is usually enough to SCARE an attacker

  • Stun Guns REPEL your attacker with high voltage yet low amperage shock

  • You can NOT be SHOCKED even if you are touching the attacker

  • Be more SECURE knowing that you CAN protect yourself


     A Quick Stun really packs a punch! Just test firing it into the air is usually enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs, it creates an intimidating electrical sound. Attackers with any sense at all will be stopped in their tracks. If the sight and sound doesn't stop them, a jolt from this stun gun certainly will bring an attacker down!  


How to use a stun gun

You can shock an attacker with the stun gun anywhere on their body or clothes. Even if they’re touching you, the shock can’t return back to you. The high-voltage shock will temporarily disrupt the message that their brain sends to their voluntary muscles and it will immediately force their hands to let go of anything that they are holding. It will cause a loss of balance and muscle control, as well as, confusion and disorientation. This will bring them to their knees and make them incapable of further aggressive activity.



How a stun gun works

     Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless!  There are lots of people concerned about their own safety who are either unable to carry firearms or have no desire to do so.  That's the advantage of the stun gun.  A Quick Stun stun gun gives you every opportunity to defend yourself during close encounters in a way that is safe for you and non-lethal for your attackers.

     Stun guns are self-defense weapons for the masses.  They are compact, easy to use, and effective at deterring those who would seek to do others harm.  Best of all, Quick Stuns are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse.

    A Stun Gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker.  Touching a person with the prongs on the Stun Gun quickly immobilizes the attacker.  However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.

     Stun Guns are designed to key into the nervous system.  They dump their energy into the muscles at a different frequency than the pulse waves emanating from the brain.  The pulse waves coming from the brain and those from the stun gun collide at the nerve synapse' which is a type of complex processing switch adjacent to each muscle group.  The resulting energy collision makes it difficult for an attacker to move and function.  This causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a passive and confused condition for several minutes.  Still, stun guns have no significant effect on the heart and other organs.

     As a general rule, a one-half second contact from a stun gun will repel and startle the attacker, giving some pain and muscle contraction.  One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state.  Over three seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation.

     However, don't think about how many seconds you should hold the Stun Gun to your attacker.  You should hold your stun gun to the assailant until they drop and you can get away and call the police, whether that may be one second or six seconds.  The electrical shock that emits from the stunning device will not pass from the person being stunned to the person doing the stunning.  The effect is localized only in the affected area and does not pass through the body.




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