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    Quick Stun ®

Power Anywhere ®


Personal Protection  For More Secure World ™

Personal Protection... On  a whole new level ™

We don't play games when it comes to personal protection ™


So Secure. So Effective. So experienced. So Quick Stun.    ™

Expert protection... Yeah, this is how it's done! ™

Because every industry needs an expert ™


Don't talk to the bullies, let the electroshock talk to them ™

Sometimes the only thing between you and rape is a stun gun! ™

Stun the fun out of a hooligan! ™

Sometimes all you need is a stun gun for personal protection! ™

Be a personal protection Rambo and scare the shit out of them! ™

Sometimes the only thing between you and murder is a stun gun! ™

Sometimes the only thing between you and robbery is a stun gun! ™

Delhi bus rape could be prevented by a personal protection stun gun! ™

The Sandy Hook massacre could be prevented by a personal protection stun gun! ™

All they understand is a heck of a shock! ™


Stunning Personal Protection ™

Get Zapped! ™

A Stunning Way to Protect Yourself ™

A Stunningly Effect Way to Protect ™

Powerful Personal Protection ™

Electrifying Personal Protection ™


Powerful Protection for Your Person ™

Empowering Self-Protection ™

Power-Up Your Own Protection ™

Attack and Be Prepared to Be Zapped ™

Personalized Powerful Protection ™


Watt You Wanna Do? ™

Stay 10 feet away, and Stay Stun Gun Free ™

You'll Be Stunned by Your Defensive Power ™

Volts of Verified Protection ™


The Power to Protect in Your Hands ™

Charge-Up Your Strength and Confidence ™

Mess with me and I Let the Electrons Fly ™

Don't Let My Friendly Face Stun You ™

The Best Way to Protect Yourself ™

Your Reliable Stun Gun Solution ™

Stunning Protection in Your Hands ™

Personal Protection to Live By ™


Please don't test my stunning features ™

Chalk it up to Shock ™

You toucha my shirt... And Blam...  I shocka your face. ™

My dad* shopped at Quick Stun and all I got was a million volt shock. ™
                      (*Or mom, wife, husband, son, etc.)

Have you gotten zapped today? ™

Have you been immobilized today? ™

Speak softly and carry a tiny stun gun. ™



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