Quick Stun ®

Power Anywhere ®

Power-Up Your Strength and Confidence! ™

No Games, Just Power ™

Safety Everywhere ™

If you bring your Quick Stun, you can just relax and have fun! ™


  - Truly stunning ™

  - Don't mess with me! ™

  - Stay safe! ™

  - Never get caught unprepared. ™

  - Protecting you and your loved-ones ™

  - It's a matter of safety. ™


Quick Stun is the new name for courage! ™

Don't go alone, into the night, keep something with you to stun them! ™

Hold the Power to Protect ™

The Energy to Fight Off Attackers ™

Wield the Power to Protect ™

Energize Your Personal Protection ™


Relax... Quick Stun is here ™

We don't play games when it comes to your power and confidence ™

Why wait until it's too late! ™

Equipped with protection ™

Personal protection... wherever you are ™

Tomorrow's protection solutions, Today! ™


The force of Mother Nature & Zeus in your pocket!!!  It doesn't matter what power you could have, if it isn't always with you. ™

Aggravated by bullies?  Let high-voltage do your talking! ™

Just Zap Those Hooligans!  ...or just scare them away powerful light and sound. ™

When is the last time that you really shocked someone? ™


Don't Be Stunned ™

Positive Ions of Protection ™

Empowered Superiority ™

The Power to Protect Yourself ™

Powerful protection Against Attackers ™


Watt You Gonna Do? ™

Don't Make Me Stun You ™

Don't Tread on My Energizing Personality! ™

Stay Away from Me, and You'll Stay Stun Free ™

Stunning is the Way to Be ™

Turn On Your Personal Protection ™

Personal Protection Activated ™


Armed and Ready to Stun ™

Stay Away!!  I Charged my Stun Gun Today. ™

Ready, Aim, Stun! ™

Let the Sparks Fly ™

It's Stunning How Fast I Reach for my Million Volts of Electricity ™

Empowering Shock Protection in Your Hands ™

Charged up and Ready to Stun ™

Don't Be Shocked When You're on the Floor ™

Mess with Me and the Sparks Will Begin to Fly ™

Warning:  I'm Charged and Ready to Stun ™

Your Smart Stun Solution ™

Sparking Up Personal Protection ™


I AM... Set to Stun! ™

Speak loudly and carry a tiny stun gun. ™

One stun. You're done. ™

You haven't lived, or surrendered, until you've been zapped with a million volts. ™

Engaging Millions of Volts Of Superior Power ™

Currently Carrying Current ™



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