Hello. Thank you for your time. You can view the video and information below to learn more about our Affiliate Program. Please be sure to contact us with any questions that you may have.


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How much money can I make?

  • You will receive a 25% commission on every item purchased by customers that you refer to Quick Stun, including future purchases!

  • Your customers will receive a reusable 15% off discount code, that is good forever.  You receive commissions from returning customers and we have a lifetime cookie duration.

  • At our current sale prices (and after your customers' 15% discount), your 25% commission will be $35.91 for each Micro Quick Stun sale that you refer to us. You will also make $42.29 for each Mega Quick Stun and $48.66 for each Multi-Guard Stun.

  • If you can average 3 Mega Quick Stun sales per day, that would be over $3,800 per month!

  • If you refer an affiliate to us, who then refers sales to Quick Stun, you will receive 5% of all purchases.


How do you keep track of my commissions?

We outsource referral tracking and commission payments to LeadDyno, a world renowned and trusted third-party referral company. They offer a wide-variety of powerful tools that will allow you to link and share with confidence and ease.

They will also provide you with a iPhone or Android app that can notify you (with your permission) of new commissions, wherever you are. This can also allow you to promote our powerful products on the go.  We can also create a unique QR Code for you that can enable you to quickly share with people you meet face to face.

Seamlessly integrated with our Shopify store, you will be able to track your stats and commissions in real-time.


How do I get started?

We would be delighted to start working with you. Simply signup and view your Quick Stun Affiliate Dashboard.  If you like, we can work together with you developing a strategy or assist you with any help that you may wish.

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Tell me more about Quick Stun.

  Our site was established in 2016.  At QuickStun.com, we sell high-quality stun guns (personal defense weapons and criminal deterrents) and personal security cameras.  We only ship stun guns to areas of the continental USA, where they are legal to own.  They are legal in most areas of 41 States.   We stand behind each of our products with Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty policies.

  We are determined to help people defend themselves and their loved ones.  We want everyone to feel powerful, confident, and in-charge, anywhere they are, 24 hours a day!  Our product line is focused on small, but powerful and loud stun guns.  There's no point in having one, unless it's easy to carry and easy to use.  They are as equally effective in deterring people from bothering you in the first place, as they are in immediately stopping an attacker.  We also sell home, car, and body cameras to help customers prove their need for self defense and the details of a crime scene.  Thanks to McAfee SECURE™ and TrustedSite® we are able to offer free $100,000 Identity Protection to your referred customers, if they are interested. 


How do I promote your products?

We will provide a link for you to share any way that you would like (except spam of course).  We will also provide advertisement code that you can insert on web pages and blogs.

We have several sharing tools available to you once you are logged in and the share buttons on our web site will automatically track your commissions too!

Select from a wide variety of banners and ad creatives.  A 15% off discount code appears on all of our banner creatives.  You can preview them by clicking here.  We can also provide you with a unique discount code that will track your commissions without linking.


  Please, feel free to contact us, from our homepage, with any questions, concerns, help needed, or ideas that you may have.  Thank you so much for reading about our business and affiliate program!!  We hope that you have a wonderful day :) 

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